Saigon River in Ho Chi Minh City

One of the most typical features of Southern Vietnam or the Mekong Delta is having an interlaced system of rivers, streams, and canals, which is both an advantage and a drawback of this region.

The most beneficial advantage may be the economic benefits obtained from developing inland water transports. In this respect, we may have to mention Saigon River, which in the past, had played an important role in helping Ho Chi Minh City (formerly Sai Gon) to become the Pearl of the Far East and now it also become an attractive destination not to be missed by tourists on visiting Ho Chi Minh City.

For people living in Ho Chi Minh City for a long time, Saigon River is considered a historic witness of the city that went with the city through wars, witnessed the growth of the city from the past to the present, has brought benefits for the city and the citizens, beautifies the city to help to develop tourism. Especially, it is from this river that Uncle Ho left to find a new way to release the country on the ship named Admiral Latouche-Tréville in 1911. Now, we will go to discover this river and help you get useful information for your next trip to Ho Chi Minh City.

To get more detailed knowledge about the Saigon River, the important role of the river in the development of Ho Chi Minh City in particular, and Southern Vietnam in common, we will start to learn general information about this river.

View from above, the Saigon River flows calmly with a lot of winding sections looking like a soft scarf. The main color of the river water is red because it is rich in alluvial; however, the color may change according to the color of the sky and the sun. On sunny days, the color is blue, you may even see clouds reflect themselves on the river.

Although at present road and transportation have also developed much, people may still use boats to travel between districts since the Saigon River flows through almost all districts in Ho Chi Minh City. Therefore, tourists absolutely may see the whole city by sailing a boat along the Saigon River.

Not only inside the city Saigon River also connects Ho Chi Minh City to other provinces and other attractive destinations such as Cu Chi tunnels, a well-known historical attraction in the suburb of the city. Or you may also sail along the Saigon River to reach the Mekong Delta to discover provinces in the south pole of Vietnam.