Saigon Cao Dai Temple

If you come to Ho Chi Minh City and you feel bored with ẹnjoying in the night streets, walking around and eating snacks with friends, and watching the city from the skyscrapers, choosing a sacred location will make you feel refreshed. Saigon Cao Dai Temple, with a combination of East-West harmonious architecture, will make you not disappointed.
Before 1949, the practice place of the Cao Dai religion in Sai Gon was located at Thai Hoa Pagoda (75 Co Bac Street, District 1). This is originally a pagoda of the Minh Su religion and then contributed to Cao Dai to worship Chi Ton (Master of the Universe). Cao Dai followers around the region come here to worship on holidays. This is also the place where the office of Kham Chau Dao Sai Gon at that time. Today, this place is a spacious Buddha Shrine, called Thai Hoa Mother Buddha Goddess Shrine.

In 1949, due to the religious need, Great Guardian Pham Cong Tac bought a French villa, located in an area of ​​931 square meters. The address at that time was 107 (now 891) Tran Hung Dao Street, District 5, Sai Gon, to set up a working office. Therefore, he and his officials can rest and work here.

Later, Guardian Pham Cong Tac gave this place to Chau Dao Saigon (Sai Gon religion brach) as a religious practice site, at that time it was the ground house, in front of this place Chi Ton, on the side worships Buddha, and the rear house is working and resting place for the administrators and the directorates of the religion in the territory of Saigon.

In 1973, Cao Dai believer Thuong Dau Thanh of Sai Gon Branch at that time built an extra floor. The second floor worshipped Duc Chi Ton and Buddha Goddess. It is more spacious than the old one. The first floor now is used as a restroom and creates additional doors in the style of the three-door tradition.

After 1975, this place was seriously degraded. In the mid-1990s, when the religious policy was more open and the rapid need for development, rulers of the Saigon Branch held a large meeting leading to the decision to rebuild the Holy Temple according to model number 4 of Tay Ninh Holy Temple.