Fast Track service

What is Fast Track service?

Fast Track Service Priority Meeting & Great Service
Fast Track service brings convenience, seamlessness, and no hassle in terms of check-in at the airport. With us, you just need to relax and enjoy a smooth flight from the moment you arrive.

Fast Track service - Airport procedure support is one of the extremely useful, time-saving services provided to passengers traveling to and from airports in Vietnam, bringing a smooth journey. benefits, priority is given to completing aviation procedures quickly. You will be warmly welcomed when using the services of a VIP Customer when the flight takes off and lands.

5 benefits when using Fast Track service for you to choose from


Fast Track service helps you save as much time as you have to wait at the airport


Complete all paperwork procedures at the airport as quickly and conveniently as possible for you


You will not have to worry about having to wait in line for your turn to check in, even on holidays and peak times.


You will be assisted with carrying your luggage and escorted to the departure gate or to the car.


Support customers with the most complete experience

Fast Track service at the airport is a service provided to passengers to help them SAVE TIME and avoid long waits at airport procedures such as security checks, flight check-ins, customs checks, and pick-ups. luggage.

♦ Airport Fast Track service is the optimal solution for anyone who wants to experience airport pick-up and drop-off service. When passengers use this service, they will receive VIP privileges right from the moment you arrive at the airport.

♦ With the airport pick-up and drop-off support service, it only takes you 5-10 MINUTES to complete all procedures with a SEPARATE lane for experts using Fast Track service, your LUGGAGE will also be picked up. Escort through security and immigration checkpoints with ease.

♦ Normally, when using this service, passengers will be guided and supported by airport personnel to assist and guide them through procedures more quickly and effectively. They will accompany you and assist you with all the necessary procedures and always ensure that your travel is SMOOTH and FAST from the airport to your destination.